Welcome to the flask extension Nemo documentation!

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Capitains Nemo is an User Interface built around the need to make CTS a easy to use, human readable standard for texts. Capitains Nemo counts multiple language implementation, including this one in Python for Flask. Presentend as a classic Flask Extension, flask.ext.nemo intends to be a simple, customizable interface between your enduser and your CTS5 API.

The Flask’s extension Nemo can be customized from its stylesheets to its functionalities. Adding routes or removing them is as easy as adding a XSL Stylesheet to transform the very own result of a CTS GetPassage results to your own expected output.


You can now install it with pip : pip install flask_nemo

If you want to install the latest version, please do the following

git clone https://github.com/Capitains/flask-capitains-nemo.git
cd flask-capitains-nemo
virtualenv -p /path/to/python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
python setup.py install

If you have trouble with dependency conflicts with MyCapitains, try running pip install MyCapytain this before install

Running Nemo from the command line

This small tutorial takes that you have a CTS API endpoint available, here http://localhost:8000

  1. (Advised) Create a virtual environment and source it : virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 env, source env/bin/activate

  2. With development version:
    • Clone the repository : git clone https://github.com/Capitains/flask-capitains-nemo.git
    • Go to the directory : cd Nemo
    • Install the source with develop option : python setup.py develop
  1. With production version:
    • Install from pip : pip install flask_nemo
  2. You will be able now to call capitains nemo help information through capitains-nemo --help

  3. Basic setting for testing an api is capitains-nemo http://localhost:8000.